Uniforms of the Third Reich - A Study in Photographs by Arthur Hayes, Jon Maguire

By Arthur Hayes, Jon Maguire

This new e-book takes a detailed examine quite a few real international conflict II period German uniforms together with examples from the military, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen-SS, Allgemeine-SS, Hitler early life and Political Leaders. The items are proven in huge complete body entrance and rear pictures, and in painstaking aspect to teach tailors tags, buttons, insignia element and so forth. and make allowance the reader to work out what the true article appears like. a variety of accoutrements worn with the uniforms also are incorporated to help the collector.

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Officers wore light khaki peaked caps with black chinatrap and peaks and an ornate gold cap badge bearing the national coat of arms. Field officus had a single row of gold embroidery on the peak edge, while generala had two rows. For 'dress', or walking out, men wore only khaki shirta and tics with straight khaki trowem and black shors. Non-commissioned officers wore chevrons above the elbow ofthe left arm only. A private fmt claas wore a yellow chevron, point down; a corporal, two chevrons, and a corporal f h t class, two yellow chevrons topped by a single white chevron.

The Scouts were fairly fm to wear what they wanted. Moat wore either tiger-striped or US green fatigues. Bush hats were the most common headgear, although c a m o u ~ e r e US d steel helmets were also worn. Insignia were rarely worn, although division shoulder patches were worn by some Scouts, while others won special flash= One group headquartered in Tri Ton in rg6g-p wore subdued MACV patches with the black block letten 'KCS' at the top and the town name at the bottom; in 1971 they changed to black Rashes bordered red with the worda 'w ~ A B W N acorn* in two lines, on the left 'TRITON' and the right 'CHAW DOC', both also in two lines.

1868 2. 2nd Lieutenant, US Marine Corps, 1868 3. US Nsvy. 1986 - . 1. Sergesol, Royal A u s t r d i ~ nRegimenl, 1969 1. 1st Lieutenmi Royal Australian h o u r e d Regiment. 1969 3. h p e r . US Annos I969 1. Chief Warrant OfRmr, US 1st Cavalry Div. IAinnobileI. 1970 1. Enlietcd man. North-V Amy. 1976 2. Colonel-DencnLN a t h V h w m s e Army. 1976 s. Macine. North V k b m n A~m y . 1976 1st Marine Division organized a number of the hot' chanh into the 'Kit CScouts', a unit designed to perform recomahnce work.

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