Stratified flows by Chia-Shun Yih

By Chia-Shun Yih

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From such work the grooves appear to represent an intermediate stage in the deepening and, under some circumstances, the rounding of an originally wide and uniformly shallow channel (AbdelRahman, 1963; Mosley, 1973; Shepherd and Schumm, 1974), but the nature of the erosion processes, and the role if any of secondary flow in the initiation and growth of the structures, remain undescribed. The fossil record of erosional grooves and ridges in fluviatile sediments is not extensive. B. King’s ( 1927) larger forms.

The furrows between ridges are broad and range from shallow and flatbottomed to deep and rounded. Some furrows are smooth and even along their length, whereas bthers have a coarsely granular appearance. Many furrows are crossed transversely at fairly regular intervals by evenly spaced curved ridges that are concave downcurrent and bound shallow flute-like hollows, the arrangement with the main ridges creating a ladder-like effect. M. Anderson, 1976). (e,g. , 1975) reveal lines of convergence and divergence amongst the ridges which allow them to be divided between linear zones in each of which a similar orientation is maintained.

1-23. Geometry of tidal current ridges (data of Off, 1963). g. D. Caston, 1972). g. Gohren, 1971; Park, 1974). M. Ball, 1967; Houboult, 1968; Park, 1974). Many prove to be wholly constructional features, resting on a level substrate which extends beneath them between exposures on the floors of the adjacent channels. Multiple internal reflectors are commonly evident, dipping in the same direction and at a similar gentle slope to the steeper side of the ridge. Evidently the banks grow or move partly in the same direction as the steeper face.

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