Physics and politics. Foreword by Dame Kathleen Lonsdale

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Pauli and the Spin-Statistics Theorem

This e-book goals to make extensively obtainable an comprehensible facts of the notorious spin-statistics theorem. This widely recognized yet little-understood theorem is meant to give an explanation for the truth that electrons obey the Pauli exclusion precept. This truth, in flip, explains the periodic desk of the weather and their chemical houses.

Elementary particles; a short history of some discoveries in atomic physics

Whilst in 1957 Chen Ning Yang, together with his colleague Tsung Dao Lee, urged that, in layman's phrases, the best- and left-handed simple ingredients of topic behaved otherwise, and whilst scan proven that the legislation of nature do distinguish among a procedure and its replicate photo, our wisdom of basic actual ideas took one of many surprising turns that have characterised its background.

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Within this scope, the Escota Company aims at the formalization and improvement of the decisional process for preventive maintenance and property management with the desire to show transparency on decisions relative to property management, personal accountability and justification of decision-making logic in a multi actors and multi criteria (MC) environment [6], [7]. These decisions concern upkeep, improvement and upgrading operations, 24 C. Sanchez et al. involving technical, conformity, security or financial criteria.

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