Les Modeles Asymptotiques de la Mecanique des Fluides 2 by Radyadour K. Zeytounian

By Radyadour K. Zeytounian

Cet ouvrage pr?sente los angeles deuxi?me partie d'un cours sur los angeles mod?lisation, l. a. premi?re ayant fait l'objet de los angeles ebook du quantity No. 245 dans cette m?me s?rie. Dans ces le?ons, l'auteur traite essentiellement des probl?mes d'ordre pratique, et en particulier de ceux li?s aux ?coulements ? grands nombres de Reynolds, et tient compte entre autres param?tres des nombres de Strouhal, de Mach, and so forth. Parmi les sujets trait?s on trouve: les mod?les de Prandtl (couche limite), de Stokes et d'Oseen (fluides fortement visqueux) ainsi que les mod?les en triple couche de Neiland et Stewartson-Williams et ceux en double couche limite de Riley et Stuart (?coulements oscillants). Ce livre - le premiere sur los angeles mod?lisation asymptotique - s'adresse aussi bien aux ?tudiants qu'aux chercheurs.

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At the beginning of the second year of the “Scuola di Ingegneria” (the fourth University year) Emilio Segr´e decided to follow an earlier inclination of his and switch to physics. He had reached this decision during the summer of 1927 when he had made the acquaintance of Franco Rasetti, then a lecturer at the Physics Institute of the University of Florence. Through Rasetti, Segr´e had also made the acquaintance of Enrico Fermi, who was then 27 and had recently (November, 1926) been appointed extraordinary Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Rome(4 ).

Feenberg, D. R. Inglis and E. G. Uhlenbeck. During this period Majorana became friendly with Heisenberg, for whom he always had a great admiration and a feeling of friendship. It was Heisenberg who persuaded him without difficulty by the sheer weight of his authority to publish his paper on nuclear theory, which appeared in the same year, both in the “Zeitschrift f¨ ur Physik” (No. 8a) and in “La Ricerca Scientifica” (No. 8b). When he returned to Rome in the autumn of 1933, Ettore was not in good health, because of gastritis which he had developed in Germany.

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