Electromagnetic Linear Machines with Dual Halbach Array: by Liang Yan, Lu Zhang, Juanjuan Peng, Lei Zhang, Zongxia Jiao

By Liang Yan, Lu Zhang, Juanjuan Peng, Lei Zhang, Zongxia Jiao

This publication extends the traditional two-dimensional (2D) magnet association into 3D trend for everlasting magnet linear machines for the 1st time, and proposes a unique twin Halbach array. it might not just successfully raise the radial section of magnetic flux density and output strength of tubular linear machines, but additionally considerably lessen the axial flux density, radial strength and hence process vibrations and noises. The booklet can also be the 1st to deal with the basics and supply a precis of traditional arrays, in addition to novel suggestions for PM pole layout in electrical linear machines. It covers theoretical examine, numerical simulation, layout optimization and experimental works systematically. The layout proposal and analytical methods might be applied to different linear and rotary machines with related constructions. The booklet could be of curiosity to teachers, researchers, R&D engineers and graduate scholars in digital engineering and mechanical engineering who desire to research the center ideas, equipment, and functions of linear and rotary machines.

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X 2 ∂x ∂x The solution to Eq. 21) where m is a real number and defined with k = jm. In this case, Aθ is a periodic function of z. It is probably the solution of Laplace’s equation. To determine the coefficients in above equation, constraints are needed. Because the axial component of flux density is antisymmetry on z = 0, we have Bz |z=0 = 0. Substituting Eq. 4 General Solutions to Magnetic Field 25 C0 = 0, D0 = 0. 22) where an = E 0 , bn = F0 . 2 General Solution to Poisson’s Equation The Poisson equation in cylindrical coordinators is ∂ Aθ ∂ 1 ∂ (r Aθ )) = −μ0 ∇ × M.

The stator and mover can be switched depending on what part we want to move for particular applications. 3 Governing Equations of Flux Field Mathematical modeling of magnetic field is important for electromagnetic machines, as it could be used to predict output performance, such as flux linkage, field energy and force generation [13–15]. , FEM [16] and magnetic equivalent circuits [17]. FEM is an efficient and accurate means to calculate magnetic field, taking full account of nonlinearity of iron material and induced currents in electrically conducting parts [18–20].

The data processing and presentation are discussed and the results are compared with theoretical models. Chapter 7 concludes the major works in this study. References 1. org/wiki/Linear_motor 2. Kou B, Huang X, Wu H et al (2008) Thrust and thermal characteristics of electromagnetic launcher based on permanent magnet linear synchronous motors. IEEE Trans Mag 45(1):358– 362, Jan 2009 3. Thornton R, Thompson MT, Perreault BM et al (2009) Linear motor powered transportation. Proc IEEE 97(11):1754–1757 4.

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