Election by lot at Athens, by James Wycliffe Headlam. Prince by James Wycliffe Headlam

By James Wycliffe Headlam

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Deinarchus (iii. 11) tells the jury to estimate Demosthenes not by the crimes he had committed, but by those he would have committed had he had the opportunity. This would at any rate be not quite such an immoral doctrine as at first appears, if on 38 INTRODUCTION. (3) Good of absence of party result elections. This peculiarity of the constitution which to a great extent deprived elections of their importance had one good result. The violence of party conflicts was mitigated, and faction and disorder were thereby discouraged.

It prevailed during the fifth and fourth shall attempt to show how the and I Athenian statesmen used stition as the The lot demo- means this relic of a dying superof carrying out with remarkable vigour their political ideals. For whatever may be our difficulties the Greeks themselves seem to have had no doubt cratic. was used at Athens, nor what this they are explicit. cratic institution ; more, its why the lot effect was. On Election by lot was a demoit was necessary to a demo- In this they are almost unanimous friends cracy.

It is only necessary to refer to the Anabasis and Hellenica of Xenophon for instances of the readiness with which men would incur the greatest dangers rather than neglect an omen. in order that one of — INTRODUCTION. 7 was, at least by the great mass of the people, upheld because they wished thereby to get the sanction of the Gods for the appointment of their officials. This view becomes still more plausible when we remember that the most conspicuous of the officials so appointed were the nine Archons men who had ; special religious duties and still represented in their And office the old union of priest and magistrate.

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