Dynamical systems : examples of complex behaviour by Jürgen Jost

By Jürgen Jost

Breadth of scope is unique

Author is a widely-known and winning textbook author

Unlike many contemporary textbooks on chaotic structures that experience superficial remedy, this booklet offers causes of the deep underlying mathematical ideas

No technical proofs, yet an creation to the total box that's in keeping with the explicit research of rigorously chosen examples

Includes a piece on mobile automata

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This is the standard setting for the theory of differential equations. For certain purposes, or in certain situations, however, it is useful to develop a different interpretation. , jm , including perhaps their number m, depend on i0 . In other words, for the dynamic evolution of ui0 , only certain specific other components of u directly occur in the dynamical rule. The other indices only play an indirect role for ui0 because they influence – either directly or again indirectly – the evolution of those components of u on which ui0 directly depends.

This map preserves many properties of that flow but, in general, there may also arise artefacts coming from the choice of S. The situation becomes quite transparent, however, for a periodic orbit Γ of a differentiable flow (x, t) → f t (x) on a differentiable manifold M . For an orbit Γ , we consider a transversal hypersurface S in M through a point y0 ∈ Γ . , y0 = f T (y0 ). It can then be shown that for each x ∈ S, sufficiently close to y0 , there exists T (x) near T with 42 2 Stability of dynamical systems, bifurcations, and generic properties f T (x) (x) ∈ S.

An analogous model for a continuous space-time is ut (x, t) = α∆f (u(x, t)) + f (u(x, t)). Since d ∆f ◦ u = f (u)∆u + f (u) ( i=1 ∂u 2 ) , ∂xi we first of all obtain a nonlinearity that is quadratic in the first derivatives of the solution u, and secondly, the equation changes its type from a forward to a backward heat equation when f (u) becomes negative. In that case, the smoothing properties of the Laplace operator (see [22]) do not apply anymore to the solution u. While the quadratic nonlinearity can be handled in the scalar case, it can lead to the formation of singularities if u is vector valued.

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