Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition) by Robert Louis Stevenson

By Robert Louis Stevenson

This version is written in English. in spite of the fact that, there's a working Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various versions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This version will be important if y

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You stay too much indoors," said the lawyer. "You should be out, whipping up the circulation like Mr. Enfield and me. (This is my cousin -- Mr. Enfield -- Dr. " "You are very good," sighed the other. "I should like to very much; but no, no, no, it is quite impossible; I dare not. But indeed, Utterson, I am very glad to see you; this is really a great pleasure; I would ask you and Mr. " "That is just what I was about to venture to propose," returned the doctor with a smite. But the words were hardly uttered, before the smile was struck out of his face and succeeded by an expression of such abject terror and despair, as froze the very blood of the two gentlemen below.

Yes, sir, indeed. It has elicited a great deal of public feeling," returned Guest. " Korean cherish: 품다, 귀여워하다, 소중히 하다, 소중히 키우다, 소중히 기르다, 고이 간직하다. disperse: 흩뜨리다, 흩어지다, 분산하다, 흩어지게 하다. eddy: 소용돌이, 소용돌이치게 하다, 소용돌이치다. hoarse: 쉰목소리의, 귀에 거슬리는, 목쉰, 목이쉰, 목쉰소리의, 쉰, 소란스러운. insensibly: 알아차리지 못할 만큼, 천천히, 눈에 띄지 않을 정도로. melted: 곤드레만드레 취한. muffle: 간접 가열실, 소리를 죽이다, 덮어 싸다, 누르다-권투 장갑, 누르다, 권투 장갑, 싸다, 휩싸이다, 소음기, 보거나 소리를 내지 못하게 사람의 머리를 덮어씌우다, 몸이 휩싸이다. obliging: 친절한, 기꺼이 남을 돌봐 주는. oration: 연설, 화법, 특별한 경우의 정식 연설. self-reliant: 자기를 의지하는, 독립 독행하는.

One word," said the lawyer. "Carew was my client, but so are you, and I want to know what I am doing. " "Utterson, I swear to God, " cried the doctor," I swear to God I will never set eyes on him again. I bind my honour to you that I am done with him in this world. It is all at an end. " The lawyer listened gloomily; he did not like his friend's feverish manner. "You seem pretty sure of him," said he; "and for your sake, I hope you may be right. " "I am quite sure of him," replied Jekyll; "I have grounds for certainty that I cannot share with any one.

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