Dolichopodidae–Platypezidae by A. Soos (Auth.)

By A. Soos (Auth.)

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40: 1 6 (Hydrophorus). : Europe: S. alpinus WAHLBERG, 1844: Öfvers. K. VetenskAkad. , 1: 109 (Hydrophorus). : Europe: S, SF; USSR: NET (Arkhangelsk region, Murmansk region), WS (North Ural, Turnen' region), ES (north Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yakut ASSR), FE (Chukotsk). arcticus NEGROBOV, 1977: 2 9 . Dolichopodidae, Fliegen pal. , 4(5): 3 6 3 (Hydro­ phorus). : USSR (FE). baicalensis NEGROBOV, 1977: 2 9 . Dolichopodidae, Fliegen pal. , 4(5): 3 6 3 (Hydrophorus). : USSR: ES. balticus (MEIGEN, 1824): Syst.

Akad. Gymn. Wien, 1877-1878: 9. Type-species: Thinophilus versutus HALIDAY in WALKER, 1855: Ins. , 1: 192 (orig. ). Pseudacropsilus STROBL, 1899: Wien. ent. Ztg, 18: 122. : 123 (present designation). versutus (HALIDAY in WALKER, 1851): Ins. , 1: 192 (Thinophilus). Typelocality: "In Messrs. Dale's and Haliday collections (Ε. : Europe: GB, IRE, S, DK, NL, DDR, D, F, H, PL, I, E, BG, R; USSR: SET (Voroshilovgrad region); North Africa: Alge­ ria, Morocco. maculipennis (STROBL, 1899): Wien. ent. Ztg, 18: 123 (Pseudacropsilus).

Sei. , 12(3): 315 (Thinophilus). -Zaidam, im nord-östl. Tibet: Kurlyk am Fl. : USSR: SET (Kherson region); Asia: Iran, China. vanschuytbroecki NEGROBOV, 1971: Ent. , 50(4): 902 (Thinophilus). : USSR: TC (Az), SMA (Tu). Peodes LOEW, 1 8 5 7 LOEW, 1857: Programm Κ. Realschule zu Meseritz, 1857: 29. : 29 (orig. ). 38 CATALOGUE OF PALAEARCTIC DIPTERA forcipatus LOEW, 1857: Programm Κ. Realschule zu Meseritz, 1857: 29 (Peodes). : Europe: D, DDR, PL, CS, Ν, H; USSR: NET, CET (Rs), SET (Rs, North Caucasus), WS (Ural), petsamoensis FREY, 1930: Notul.

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