Discrete-Time Control Systems (Pie) by Katsuhiko Ogata

By Katsuhiko Ogata

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Hut Närada knew that Siva had no support \niralambam\, so he advised the goddess and the Mountain and others to praise him. The mountains prostrated themselves and sang Siva's greatness. Drums sounded and the gods rained flow- ers, as the Lord of Yogis returned to reign in state with Pärvati. Playful, ironic, often verging on parody, this myth is powerfully integrated into the thematic texture of the Kedārakhanda, to which it provides a fitting closure. For our purposes, its usefulness lies in the expansive vision of the dice game in its characteristic unfolding.

28. 55. In the continuation of this verse, however, the dice are called "unstable" (Lola), and "under control" (vasagata)—of the game? ua Plays FIGURE 11. 29 Parvatï tarns away f r o m the game. Detail of Siva and ParvatT playing dice. Elephanta, Cave 1. has won from her husband. "To the right of Siva are found three Sivaganas carrying trident with disappointed faces. To the left of Pärvati is seen the bull, the mount of Siva, reluctant and helpless for being pushed and pulled away by the attendants of Pärvati.

More generally, the logic of paradox and, therefore, of process, in the passage from not-play to play needs to be hymn); and one thinks of the critical Virât a section of the Mahābhāraia, where Yudhisthira, the central hero, becomes a disguised master of dice. But to explore the rich texture of the Virāj materials would require a different study. 56. See the discussion in Shulman 1994, in relation to the story of Nala. 57. And yet we note that even the ritualists' cubes must stand on one side, which is blocked or hidden—an invisible remnant that informs the remaining totality.

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