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Agreed that, to this end, meetings of the Council at Ministerial level may be desirable, and that the competent bodies of the Organisation, particularly the Executive Committee, the Economic Policy Committee and its appropriate Working Parties, and the Trade Committee, should discuss these questions; 4. agreed that Member countries will be represented at an appropriately high level in the meetings referred to above; 5. instructed the Secretary-General to propose to the Council such adaptation and improvement of existing structures and procedures of the Organisation as may appear appropriate to discharge adequately and in the most effective manner the role agreed above.

Global Forum meetings often involve high-level policy makers, policy analysts and various other stakeholders and help build consensus on how to make policies more effective at achieving stated government objectives. The objective of the Global Forum on Trade (GFTr) is to promote dialogue among Members and non-Members in support of trade liberalisation and closely related issues. To date, this dialogue has concentrated on the Doha Development Agenda (DDA). Among the principal subjects discussed have been the so-called “Singapore issues” (investment, competition, government procurement and trade facilitation), the effects on market access of environmental requirements, the implications of closer multilateral co-operation in the competition field and the opportunities and challenges of improving market access through the removal of border and behindthe-border barriers.

In order to carry out the work, the Forum organises approximately twenty five policy dialogue events per year, held in Paris, and at the OECD multilateral tax centres. A major new element of the Global Forum is the development of partnerships with other Organisations working in the tax area. In 2003, the recently launched International Tax Dialogue, which is a joint initiative between the OECD, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (and possibly the United Nations), became operational.

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