Differential scanning calorimetry by J L McNaughton; C T Mortimer

By J L McNaughton; C T Mortimer

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M. , and Idris, N. A. DSC study on the melting properties of palm oil, sunflower oil, and palm kernel olein blends before and after chemical interesterification. Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society 83(8) (2006): 739–745. Oomah, B. , Godfrey, D. , and Drover, J. C. G. ) seed oil. Food Chemistry 76(1) (2002): 33–43. Paul, S. and Mittal, G. S. Regulating the use of degraded oil/fat in deep-fat/oil food frying. Critical Review in Food Science and Nutrition 37(7) (1997): 635–662. Pratt, D.

The authors concluded that the DSC curves and thermodynamics of phase transitions of both samples were quite different but did not reveal any common characteristic that could be used for immediate detection of lard substances in fat admixtures. Marikkar et al. (2001) conducted a study to detect the adulteration of RBD palm oil with enzymatically randomized lard by DSC. They concluded that DSC is a suitable method for detection of lard in RBD palm oil with a detection limit of 1%. The degree of unsaturation or iodine value (IV) of fat and oil products is one of the most frequently used quality parameters.

The melting behavior of TAG and other components in the oil matrix is obtained by controlled heating from the subambient. A series of variables for each oil is assigned to the observed DSC thermal curve for the temperature region between 240 and 340 K. A graphical presentation of the canonical discriminant functions scores grouped the samples into three areas by country of origin. A DSC technique has been developed by Tan and Che Man (1999a) and Tan (2001) for concurrently determining three important quality parameters in the deepfat frying industry—total polar compounds (TPC), FFA, and IV—of heated corn oil (CO), RBD palm olein, and soybean oil (SO), using the crystallization curves of DSC.

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