Diet and Atherosclerosis by Konrad Bloch (auth.), Cesare Sirtori, Giorgio Ricci, Sergio

By Konrad Bloch (auth.), Cesare Sirtori, Giorgio Ricci, Sergio Gorini (eds.)

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D. M. + 9 Controls, P. M. AFTER EXPERIMENT 7 No. : 21 Thyroid Wt. : 10 0 Adrenal Wt. (mg) Table V. Influence of Exercise on Adrenal and Thyroid Weights of Cockerels with Induced Atherosclerosis "tI r- ...... ,. g m X m » r- () ~ ::I: H. Y. C. WONG ET AL. 1). 001). Table VI depicts the changes in the hydroxyproline concentration of collagen and elastin as well as the C/E ratio in the thoracic aortas of these birds with induced atherosclerosis. There were no significant changes in the hydroxyproline content of collagen in any of the birds except for the atherogenic fed group with exercise.

PHYSICAL EXERCISE AND REVERSAL OF ATHEROSCLEROSIS Fig. 6. Coronary artery of control on plain mash + exerCIse showing no lesion. X 90 43 44 H. Y. C. WONG ET AL. Fig. 7. Section of coronary artery of cockerel fed an atherogenic diet only depicting atherosclerosis of the intima. X 90 PHYSICAL EXERCISE AND REVERSAL OF ATHEROSCLEROSIS Fig. 8. Coronary artery of atherogenic cockerel which was exercised showing no lesion . D. D. M. D. D. D. + exercise Standard error of mean 2% cholesterol + 5% cottonseed oil added to mash 750 yds.

C. , and Cooper, M. , eds. Harper and Row, New York, 1965, pp 211-214. Strong, J. P. Arterial lesions in primates. In Comparative Atherosclerosis, Roberts, J. C. , and Cooper, M. , eds. Harper and Row, New York, 1965, pp 244-252. Malinow, M. , and Maruffo, C. A. Naturally occurring atherosclerosis in howler monkeys (Alouatta caraya). J. Atheroscler. Res. i: 368-380, 1966. Andrus, S. , Portman, o. , and Riopelle, A. J. Comparative studies of spontaneous and experimental atherosclerosis in primates.

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