Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds: Second Supplement by J. E. Macintyre (auth.), J. E. Macintyre (eds.)

By J. E. Macintyre (auth.), J. E. Macintyre (eds.)

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Et ai, J. Organornet. 253 Cryst. (Et20). Mp 128°. Ross, B. W. et ai, Chem. 273 (ion) Treatment of salts with NaNH3 in liq. NH3 or THF, or NaH/THF, yield the ylide: see Methylenetriphenylarsorane, As-2014l . 726 Cryst. + IH 20. Mp 184-186°. The anhydrous salt has Mp 121°, but is very hygroscopic. 177 Cryst. + IH 20. Mp 200-202°. iodide: [1499-33-8]. 177 Pale yellow-brown cryst. (CHCI3/Et20 or H 20). Mp 175-176°. Triiodide: [42350-74-3]. 986 Solid. Mp 108-109°. 076 Solid. Mp 132-134°. 505 Cryst. (CHCI 3/C 6 H 6 /MeOH).

Chern. USSR (Engl. S. et ai, Zh. Obshch. , 1980, SO, 549; J. Gen. Chern. USSR (Engl. ), 437 (deriv) C I2H II AS03 Kamai, G. et ai, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Ser. Sci. -J. et ai, Z. Anorg. AI/g. , 1964,331,35 (synth) Davidson, G. et ai, Spectrochirn. Acta, Part A, 1979,35, 141 (ir, raman) Bergesen, K. et ai, Acta Chern. , Ser. A, 1981,35,147 (crnr) As-20107 [[ 1,1 I -Biphenyl}-2-yl]arsonic acid PhO ASO(OH)2 CI2H~sN~h As-20111 Tris[ methyl( trimethylsilyl)amino ]arsine N,N',N" -Trimethyl-N,N',N" -tris(trimethylsilyl)arsenous triamide.

5 115°. 932 Liq. or gas. ), 8P232 0°. J. et aI, J. Chern. , Chem. , Z. Anorg. AI/g. , J. Organornet. 942 Gas. ). t. At 200° for 6 hrs. yields CHF3. Aq. alkali yields CHF3. J. et aI, J. Chem. , Can. J. G. et aI, J. Chem. Soc. C. et aI, [norg. , 1967,6,1450 (ms) Burger, H. et aI, Spectrochim. 838 Liq. 5°. 398. Aq. alkali gives CHF3. J. et 01, J. Chern. , Z. Anorg. AUg. 941 Rapidly cleaved in hot H 20 ->- As 20 3. Alkali, HN0 3, H 2S or KI ->- CHF3. Yields isolable di-Ag salt. 387 Liq. 8p 46°, BP294 22°, BPlO3 0°.

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