Deutung des Begriffs "physikalische Theorie" und by Günther Ludwig

By Günther Ludwig

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N n-NONANE ............ ~ "0 ...... 0 n-DECANE nucleation theory have failed. 04 .... 8 , . . ~ " O i , i . O - . 'b'q~:.... o6 ........ ;"~ ::~ .. :~~:~, ..... "". ""'0. 1 o Eq. (6)). 38 . . . . '42 . . . . '46 ....... '50 . . . . 54 Knudsen number (the ratio of mean free T/Tc path of a monomer to the cluster's Figure 3. The correction to the Kelvin equation diameter) is much greater than unity. In necessary for quantitative agreement of theory and this regime, arrival rates calculated using experiment when using the Kelvin solution kinetic theory of gases should be a very good estimate of the rate of collisions of monomers with growing clusters.

S o. 2 Fig. 6 n-nonane =" o Q. 2 n o r m a l i z e d a c t i v i t y f r a c t i o n , a 3' ,=. 9 - n-butanol ! > ! 7 V) 0 Q. 2 X 0 ,m 4-. 2 normalized - n-butanol ! 9 01 0 Q. 0 Ternary nucleation o f w a t e r - n-nonane - n-butanol 19 In Fig. 3 the full ternary system is presented ranging from the pure binary water-n-butanol system (a2'=0) to the pure binary n-butanol - n-nonane system (a2'=l). Here the data are plotted versus the normalized activity fraction of n-butanol a3'=a3/a3o/(al/alo+a2/a2o + a3/a3o).

Chem. Phys. , Strey, R. and Reiss, H. (1993) Homogeneous nucleation rates for water. J. Chem. Phys. E. and Strey, R. (1984) Measurements of homogeneous nucleation rates for n-nonane vapor using a two-piston expansion chamber. J. Chem. Phys. E. and Strey, R. (1990) Observation of Steady-State Aerosol Formation by Nucleation in Vapor Mixtures during Adjustable Expansion Pulses. : S. Masuda and K. Takahashi, Pergamon, Oxford, 201. DENSITY FUNCTIONAL THEORY FOR BINARY NUCLEATION DAVID W. O X T O B Y 1, V I C E N T E T A L A N Q U E R 2, AND ARI L A A K S O N E N 3 1James Franck Institute, University of Chicago, Chicago IL 60637 USA 2Dept.

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