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If either the measured concrete creep factor or shrinkage strain is more than the value computed in accordance with ACI 209R-82, the design *For commentary see appendix A, Sec. 10. Copyright American Water Works Association Provided by IHS under license with AWWA No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Copyright © 2007 American Water Works Association. All Rights Reserved. 5ε´t Tensile Strain Compressive Stress Compressive Strain ε´k = 11ε´t εt A. Assumed for concrete core of the pipe ft Tensile Stress 7 f´m 1 Em /7 1 Onset of Visible Cracking ε´tm --`,`,,,`,`,,`,```,``,`,```,`,,-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- Compressive Stress Compressive Strain Em Tensile Strain ε´km = 8ε´m εtm B.

All Rights Reserved. 25 f c´ , where fc´ is in MPa, for LCP, calculated using the uncracked properties of the net section, whichever is less. Sec. 4 Elastic Limit-States Design Criteria The elastic limit-states design criteria also represent serviceability requirements, because exceeding the elastic limits does not cause failure of the pipe. These criteria apply to working-pressure and load plus transient-pressure and load conditions or to working-pressure and load conditions if no transient condition is required.

Licensee=ATLATEC S A DE C V/5972499001, User=Yañez, Simon Not for Resale, 07/07/2009 09:09:20 MDT 28 AWWA C304-07 wire diameter. For designs with greater radial distance between prestressing layers, special designs are required. 2 Initial prestress. The initial prestress in concrete for a pipe with multiple layers of prestressing is the sum of the initial prestress caused by each layer of prestressing: fic = fic1 + fic2 + fic3 (Eq 6-8) A s1 f sg ------------------------------------------f ic1 = A c + n i A s1 + n i ´A y (Eq 6-9) Where: A s2 f sg -------------------------------------------------------------f ic2 = A c + ni ( A s1 + A s2 ) + n i ´A y (Eq 6-10) A s3 f sg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------f ic3 = A c + n i ( A s1 + A s2 + A s3 ) + n i ´A y (Eq 6-11) fis 1 = –fs g + ni ( fic1 + fic2 + fic3) (Eq 6-12) fis 2 = –fs g + ni ( fic2 + fic3) (Eq 6-13) fis 3 = –fs g + ni fic3 (Eq 6-14) The initial prestress in the steel cylinder is given in Eq 6-2.

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