Descriptive Topology and Functional Analysis: In Honour of by Juan Carlos Ferrando, Manuel López-Pellicer

By Juan Carlos Ferrando, Manuel López-Pellicer

Descriptive topology and practical research, with broad fabric demonstrating new connections among them, are the topic of the 1st component of this paintings. functions to areas of continuing features, topological Abelian teams, linear topological equivalence and to the separable quotient challenge are incorporated and are provided as open difficulties. the second one part is dedicated to Banach areas, Banach algebras and operator concept. each one bankruptcy offers loads of worthy and demanding fresh theorems with an summary discussing the cloth within the bankruptcy. each one bankruptcy can nearly be noticeable as a survey overlaying a specific sector

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Rings of Continuous Functions. GTM 43. Springer, New York (1976) 5. : Mackey hyperplanes/enlargements for Tweddle’s space. RACSAM (2013). doi:10. 1004/s13398-013-0159-x 6. : Dual local completeness. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 125, 1063–1070 (1997) 7. : Mackey weak barrelledness. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 126, 3279–3282 (1998) 8. : Reinventing weak barrelledness (preprint) 9. : Mackey ∈0 -barrelled spaces. Adv. in Math. 145, 230–238 (1999) 10. : On Mackey spaces. Duke Math J. 41, 57–66 (1974) Chapter 3 On the Topology of the Sets of the Real Projections of the Zeros of Exponential Polynomials Gaspar Mora Abstract It is analysed some topological properties of the set PD(z) of the real projections of the zeros of an exponential polynomial D(z) of the form 1 + n ξj z j=1 mj e , where n is a positive integer, mj ∈ C \ {0} and ξj > 0, for all 1 ≤ j ≤ n.

P-adic functional analysis (Nijmegen 1996), pp. 159–222. Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol. 192. : On some non-archimedean closed graph theorems. P-adic functional analysis (Nijmegen 1996), pp. 153–158. Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol. 192. : On Baire-like spaces of spaces of continuous vector-valued functions. Acta Math. Hung. : Strongly Lindelöf spaces, Baire-type property and sequential closure conditions for inductive limits of metrizable spaces. Functional Analysis (Trier 1994), pp.

1 (6). n2 One may recognize (γ) and (ϕ ) as respective analogs of C-barrelled and property (L). Analogs of c0 - and mc0 -barrelled produce already-familar characterizations of locally complete. L m (X ) is non-Sξ if and only if X is finite [2], and is barrelled if and only if X is discrete [1, Sect. 1]. Remaining questions: When X is a non-discrete P-space, can or must L m (X ) be ∈0 -barrelled? Our answer to the “must” part was No: If X is a non-discrete Lindelöf P-space, L m (X ) is not ∈0 -barrelled [2, Theorem 7].

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