Dermatological Phototherapy and Photodiagnostic Methods by Ludwig Endres, Reinhard Breit (auth.), Prof. Dr. Jean

By Ludwig Endres, Reinhard Breit (auth.), Prof. Dr. Jean Krutmann M.D., Prof. Dr. Helmut Hönigsmann, Craig A. Elmets M.D., Paul R. Bergstresser M.D. (eds.)

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5 ~ "iii 50 c ! 5 25 J1 11 250 275 300 I \ 350 400 wavelength in nm 450 Fig. 16. Spectra of ULTRAMED metal halide UV radiator in UVA, -B, and -C design. Thick lines show the UVA and -B version and 450 nm. A higher radiation output in the UV range is also associated with this improvement in the spectral progression. Accordingly, it has to a large extent displaced the pure mercury lamps. These types of lamps mostly are supplied only as burners without an outer bulb. The small dimensions, the short discharge paths between 1 and 3 em, and the associated high radiance make these lamps particularly suitable for incorporation in reflectors.

9). - If this length equals the radius of the circle, you can say this angle equals 1 radian. This principle has been adopted in three-dimensional geometry to define a solid angle. If a cone or a pyramid is cutting off from a sphere an area equal to the square of the radius, you can say this solid angle has an amount of 1 sr. The shape of this area is of no importance. As the whole surface of a sphere is 4Jt x r2, it can be defined with 4Jt sr. - The radiant intensity is of significance especially in headlight engineering, since by this means the spatial intensity distribution can be characterized (see Fig.

In the event that even further data should be of interest, it is recommended to inquire of the distribution engineers of the pertinent manufacturers, who, by virtue of their experience, have extensive additional information available concerning lamp properties and operating conditions. In general it can, however, be stated that modern lamps are suitable for general illumination and for optical areas of application as UV radiators only in very few cases, since in the case of these purposes of application the aim is to reduce the medium-wavelength and short-wavelength UV component to a minimum, in some cases in order to exclude any possibility of danger to health due to UV effects, and in some cases also to prevent radiation damage to materials, principally to plastic materials and colored pigments.

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