Current Review of Chinese Medicine: Quality Control of Herbs by Ping-Chung Leung; Harry Hong Sang Fong; Charlie Changli Xue

By Ping-Chung Leung; Harry Hong Sang Fong; Charlie Changli Xue

Текущий обзор китайской медицины: контроль качества трав и травяных материалов the second one quantity of this ebook sequence at the glossy perform of chinese language medication maintains with the focal point on evidence-based TCM learn. it really is concerned with designated information regarding the simplest resources of natural provide and its qc required for study and drug improvement reasons. natural caliber has continuously been an important crisis for TCM researchers since it is hard to grasp that's of the highest quality. another well known subject matters also are entertained. Во втором томе этой серии книг продолжается разговор о современной практике китайской медицины с акцентом на фактические данные её исследований. Он ориентирован на подробную информацию о лучших источниках поставок лекарственных растений и контроле их качества, необходимых для проведения исследований и приготовления лекарств. Качество сырья всегда было серьезной проблемой для исследователей TКM. Первый том этой же серии, «Chinese Medicin. sleek Practice», содержит главы, также посвященные лекарствам китайской травяной медицины.

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S. (2002) Integration of herbal medicine into modern medical practices: issues and prospects. Integr. Cancer Ther. 1, 287-293. , et al. (2001a) An introduction to the ginseng evaluation program. HerbalGram 52, 27-30. , et al. (2001b) Evaluation of consistency of standardised Asian ginseng products in the ginseng evaluation program. HerbalGram 52, 31-45. , Gu, C , et al. (2001) Evaluation of oestrogenic activity of plant extracts for the potential treatment of menopausal symptoms. J. Agric. Food Chem.

Leung While the draft recommendations might appear quite comprehensive, explanations might still be deficient. A better conceptual account could be obtained from the World Health Organization, which obviously has made use of the Chinese Recommendations as the backbone of its own document concerning GAP. A summary of the WHO document is supplied below. 1 Background Some reported adverse events following the use of certain herbal medicines have been associated with a variety of possible explanations, including the inadvertent use of the wrong plant species, adulteration with undeclared other medicines and/or potent substances, contamination with undeclared toxic and/or hazardous substances, over-dosage, inappropriate use by health care providers or consumers, and interaction with other medicines, resulting in an adverse drug interaction.

2000; Zou, 2001). Around 200 species of plants in China have already become extinct and another 1000 others are under imminent threat. Due to the over-exploitation, the reserves and output of wild medicinal plants are rapidly decreasing. -C. Leung Gastrodia elata Gentiana macrophylla Gentiana scabra Glycyrrhiza uralensis Lithospermum erythrorhizon Notopterygium incisum Paris polyphylla Phellodendron amurense Pinellia ternate Rheum officinale Saposhnikovia divaricata Scutellaria baicalensis Stellaria gypsophiloides Tripterygium wilfordii Uncaria rhynchophylla Vitex trifolia Ziziphu jujube A very commonly used medicinal herb, radix glycyrrhiza, for example was originally found in Inner Mongolia.

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