Cotton Dust. Controlling an Occupational Health Hazard by Joseph G. Montalvo, Jr. (Eds.)

By Joseph G. Montalvo, Jr. (Eds.)

content material: A ancient viewpoint on cotton dirt within the usa fabric / John G. Tritsch --
Engineering controls and measurements : expertise for pre-textile cotton cleansing / William F. Lalor --
dirt in cotton gins : an outline / A.C. Griffin, Jr. and E.P. Columbus --
Washing tools for cotton : results on fiber, processing traits, and dirt new release / Henry H. Perkins, Jr. and Joseph B. Cocke --
dimension of dust-release power of cotton / Roy V. Baker --
Cotton trash and mud contents and airborne airborne dirt and dust focus : feasibility of predicting through nondestructive gentle reflectance / Joseph G. Montalvo, Jr., Marie-Alice Rousselle, Albert Baril, Jr., and Terry A. Watkins --
A standardized technique for vertical elutriator cotton dirt sampling / Ann L. Walker and Ellis E. Pardue --
techniques for the decision of humidifier contributions to respirable dirt degrees within the office / F.M. Shofner --
actual time size of particle dimension distribution of airborne cotton dirt by means of gentle scattering / S.P. Hersh, S.K. Batra, and W.-W. Lee --
Mechanisms in byssinosis : a assessment / Carol E. O'Neil, Brian T. Butcher, and John E. Salvaggio --
Etiologic brokers and pathogenic mechanisms within the acute byssinotic response / Sterling okay. Ainsworth and Patricia A. Pilia --
Cotton bract and acute airway constriction in people / Marion G. greenback --
Cotton airborne dirt and dust publicity and protracted respiration impairment : an epidemiological controversy / Mario C. Battigelli --
a few attainable kinfolk of fungi in cotton fiber to byssinosis / Paul B. Marsh and Marion E. Simpson --
The relation of microorganisms and microbial items to cotton / Janet J. Fischer --
Botanical trash and gram-negative bacterial contents of fabrics used by the cotton / P. Morey and R. Rylander --
research of antigens in cotton dirt by means of immunological tools / Antonio A. Sekul and Robert L. Ory --
Secondary metabolites of gossypium : a biogenetic research / J.P. McCormick --
Histamine in cotton plant and mud made up our minds by way of excessive functionality liquid chromatography / J.H. Wall, L.L. Muller, and R.J. Berni --
Analyses of the inorganic content material of cotton dirt : a evaluation / R.E. Fornes, S.P. Hersh, P.A. Tucker, and R.D. Gilbert.

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These r e s u l t s agree w i t h those from previous t r i a l s i n which moderate washing temperatures (below 70°C) were employed. a b American Chemical Society Library 1155 16th St. N. W. ; Washington, D. C. Society: 20031Washington, DC, 1982. ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical 48 COTTON DUST A l l cottons were carded a t 13,6 kg/hr. 3 t w i s t f a c t o r a t seve r a l s p i n d l e speeds. 3 t w i s t f a c t o r a t 12500 rpm s p i n d l e speed. The o n l y s i g n i f i c a n t d i f f i c u l t y i n p r o c e s s i n g occured a t c a r d i n g where s t a t i c e l e c t r i c i t y caused the web t o behave e r r a t i c a l l y .

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