Confession: Five Sentences That Will Heal Your Life by Tom Curran (Author), Tracey Rockwell (Editor), Jonny

By Tom Curran (Author), Tracey Rockwell (Editor), Jonny Georgeson (Illustrator), John Anderson (Illustrator)

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And it and almost immediately fell asleep. The medication did its job. It masked the pain and put me to sleep. A whole night’s sleep! When I was in the Emergency Room, the attending physician told me my kidney stone was right at the limit dealt with the effect by making me much less effective! I couldn’t drive while on the painkillers and I was basically useless until the effects of the medication wore off. A HARD HEART of what would ordinarily pass through my system on its This all too true story provides an entry point for own.

Priate situations in our daily lives, voluntarily accusing 1. The act of confessing should be discreet. Discretion here means well ordered, whereby we give more weight ourselves in Confession will happen promptly, easily and joyfully. 58 • CONFESSION Confession: I Did It • 59 When that happens, saying “I did it” will have become 3. The act of confessing should be pure. To be pure a virtuous act. Until that happens, saying “I did it” in means it should have the right intention. It should tend Confession will happen in a voluntary way to some degree, toward the right goal.

The act of confessing should be entire. This concert to shape an appropriate self-disclosure. means that we don’t suppress or hold back things that 12. The act of confessing should be accusing. This should be made known. This is the opposite tendency has to do with the fact that we are confessing to a man, to the preceding one. In this instance, we simplify our but not just a man. We confess to the one ordained by self-accusation to the point that we say “I did it” in such the Church to continue the ministry of reconciliation in basic terms that the full picture of what we mean was Confession.

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