Compounds of Germanium, Tin and Lead Including Biological by Richard W. Weiss

By Richard W. Weiss

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In 56% yie1d (939). : m. 49° (939), 43-4 5°, bs 160° (1946), NMR spectrum (1026), mo1. wt. (939), soly. (1946). Rxn. CMgBr)2' sie. (1438). 150-200° in N atrn. C(Ph2GeC:CC:C)xPh2GeC:CH + H (1438). PhsGeC:CH at 150-200° ~ copo1yrner (1438). CH2N2 ~ Ph2Ge(C:CHNHN:CH)2 (939). Ph2GeH2 ~ (CH:CHPh2GeCH:CH)x (327). : By rxn. of PhsGeBr with HC:CMgBr in EtzO in N atrn. (1438), in THF in 60% yie1d (2562). By rxn. , in 14% yie1d (939), in pyridine in good yie1d (1039). : m. ~ 147-60° (1438), IR (2562) and NMR (1026, 1474, 1931) spectra, GLC (2562), mo1.

With dry HCl in CeHe ~ (p-RCH2CMeCICeH4)2GePh2; R = H, Me (1787). 1 UNSYMMETRIC TETRAORGANOGERMANES CONTAINING HALOGEN SUBSTITUTED OLEFINS New is a series of derivatives of fluorolefins and synthesis of haloolefins by dehalocarbene insertion reaetion. The haloolefin substituted tetraorganogermanes in Table 6 are prepared by methods from the following scheme. I II III IV Catalyzed addition of alkylgermanium hydrides: (rA) ReGeH + R'C;CH'" E~GeCR':CH2 + E~GeCH:CHR' , (rB) ReGeH + (R'C')2 ... E~GeCR':CHR' • Condensation with trialkylgermane: M~GeH + 6F2CF2CCl:CCl - M~GeCr-:-C-X-CF-2--'CF2 + HeI; Halogenation of unsaturated organogermanes: EtsGeC:CCR:CHR + Br ...

MesSiCI + py ... EtsGeC(:CHPh)CMeEtOSiMes (2426). Additional tetraorganogermanes carrying functiona11y substituted olefinic groups are compi1ed in Tab1e 7. 32 \Jj \Jj CH:CPhPEt2 CPh: CHPEt2 J CH: CHCHOHPr CH: CHCHP rOCH20CH2CH2C 1 CH:CHCHOHPr-i CH: CHCMeE tOCH20CH2CH2C 1 C(:CHPh)CMe20SiM~ CH2OCeH13 CHMeOCH2CH: CH2 CHMeOCeH13 Ac C(CHOHPh):CHCH:CH2 (20) C( : CHPh) CMe20H C( :CHPh)CMe20Ae CH~CH2CH:CH2 CH:CHCH20R R = H (20) CH20CH2CH2C1 =( II IlA (d) IlB (e) lA lA lA lA 50 55 28 48 33 50 47 Yie1d lA lA lA lA lA (a) IB Synth.

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