Colour Atlas of First Pass Functional Imaging of the Heart by O. Nickel (auth.), N. Schad, E. J. Andrews Jr., J. W.

By O. Nickel (auth.), N. Schad, E. J. Andrews Jr., J. W. Fleming (eds.)

For decades, clinicians have depended on cardiac marily be categorised into camps

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5). In 21 of the 198 normal territories false positive findings were observed if compared to the normal vascularization of the anterior (LAD) or inferoposterior wall (CX! RC). e. no false positives resulted by comparison with the LV ventriculogram. Causes other than coronary narrowings were responsible for these malfunctions. Major discrepancies between sensitivities and 31 In fact, with the ejection rate and mean time first and second half systolic images only in three of 36 cases at rest and two of 36 cases at peak exercise it was not possible to make the differential diagnosis of the prolapse; only one false positive mitral valve prolapse was diagnosed in this group (for prolapse of mitral valve, see Chapter 12).

Half systolic images yield higher sensitivities than resting examinations alone or images covering the entire systole respectively. The highest sensitivities are obtained with ejection rate and mean time images. 5 inferoposterior wall (CX-RC), at rest and rest and exercise together. Two functional images had to show positive signs to judge the radionuclide examination as positive. Sensitivities of combined images exceed 90% so that the presented functional images can be used for screening patients for CHD.

Since by the mathematical process only regions with a predominant increase of blood during contraction are visualized, very short-lasting paradoxical motion (vibrations) is not presented. Thus, even small zones of dyskinesia in this image are diagnostically relevant. An increase immediately behind the location of the mitral valve indicates mitral reflux, or occasionally severe mitral valve prolapse. The regional mean transit image visualizes the regional mean times elapsing from end-diastole to the centre of gravity of every single pixel-curve (regional histograms), thus reflecting regional persistence of blood during systole (p.

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