Cognition-Based Studies on Chinese Grammar by Yulin Yuan

By Yulin Yuan

Introducing the English translations of eight chosen examine articles initially written in chinese language via Professor Yuan Yulin, Cognition-based experiences on chinese language Grammar is a necessary analyzing for researchers in chinese language syntax.

Yuan Yulin is among the first actual chinese language students who brought cognitive sciences into the learn of chinese a few two decades in the past, and his paintings is recognized and extremely popular in China for its originality and theoretical contribution. the gathering covers the center of his engagement with chinese reports, starting from lexical exploration to grammatical dialogue.

Cognition-based stories on chinese language Grammar is designed for college kids or researchers who focus on the chinese, modern chinese language grammar and cognitive linguistics. it will probably additionally function a reference e-book for teachers or lecturers engaged in chinese pedagogy or in educating chinese language as a moment or overseas language.

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In a word, the three types of mono-valent nouns discussed above, namely kinship noun, property noun and partitive noun, all function as a preliminary stimulus. They can activate the corresponding reference noun, entity noun and prototype noun. , it has a valency of one. 42 Nominal valency in Mandarin Chinese 2. 1 Ambiguity is closely related to the mono-valent noun. Let us first examine the following three sentences: (1) Liú Fāng xiūlǐ bèi zhàngfu shuaīhuaì de nàozhōng. 刘芳 修理 被 丈夫 摔坏 的 闹钟. ’ (2) Qúnzhòng tóngqíng bèi zhàngfu dǎshāng de Lǐ Hóng.

According to Zhu (1990b: 115, 123), if a light verb (LV) is added before a nominal verb (NV), it simply functions to produce a verb-object construction. The patient argument may be placed before this construction. In this case, the patient NP is pre-positioned. In this sense, V[+HOLD] in S1 has the same function as the light verb. V[+HOLD] and N are combined into the verb-object construction ‘V[+HOLD] + N’. This construction expresses a meaning equivalent to VF in S1’. That is, V[+HOLD] functions to produce a verb phrase.

On account of this grammatical feature, the mono-valent noun may resist to the grammatical process of pronominalisation. As a grammatical convention, the pronoun can be used to replace a personal name. For example, (1) Xiǎo Lǐ lái le 小李 来 了 Xiao Li come PAST ‘Xiao Li has come’ → Tā lái le 他 来 了 he come PAST ‘He has come’ The mono-valent noun 43 If both the kinship noun and the reference noun are present, however, the latter cannot be pronominalised. For example, (2) Xiǎo Lǐ fùzǐ lái le 小李 父子 来 了 Xiao Li father and son come PAST ‘Xiao Li and his father have come’ or ‘Xiao Li and his son have come’ → *Tā fùzǐ lái le *他 父子 来 了 *He father and son come PAST (2) is an ambiguous expression (Fan, 1990): Xiǎo Lǐ (小李, ‘Xiao Li’) can be the reference noun either of fù (父, ‘father’) or of zǐ (子, ‘son’).

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