Cherry Ames Nurse Stories, Vol. 18 by Helen Wells

By Helen Wells

Cherry accompanies a good-looking younger healthcare professional to an African village, the place she uncovers a bold smuggling operation.

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The sidewalks were crowded with people hurrying along in the blazing sunlight. Arabs, Turks, Europeans—and a few ruggedlooking, mahogany-tanned men, whose bush jackets were clean, but faded and bleached from many washings. These latter, she thought, must be professional guides and hunters like Long Jack Robertson. “I’m much too excited about being in Africa to want a nap,” Cherry declared. ” Their first stop was a small clothing shop on a side street. Inside, it was almost dark compared to the glaring sun of the outdoors.

A real puzzler,” the hunter said. “But apparently the Mzabite had gotten the word, and by the time the police went around to pick him up, he had disappeared. ” Like a blinding light, the words of the telegram she and Bob had seen in the Cairo café flashed through Cherry’s head. How did they go? “Mzabite failed to deliver. ” Yes, that was it! Could there be a connection somewhere? It seemed preposterous. And yet . . When her whirling thoughts came back to the present, Long Jack was still talking.

Maybe,” Cherry replied. “But he was trying his best to quiz us. ” Bob laughed at the puzzled expression on her face. “Oh, now, come off it, Cherry. You’ve seen too many JET TO AFRICA 27 Grade-B spy thrillers. He’s just interested in the people down in Kenya. After all, as he said, he makes his living trading with them. And besides, he probably doesn’t often get a chance to spend an evening with a pretty American girl. ” Cherry reached for her bag, and as she did so, she saw a folded piece of white paper on the floor underneath the table.

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