Chemistry in Theatre: Insufficiency, Phallacy or Both by Carl Djerassi

By Carl Djerassi

This publication examines the questions "What can technology do for the theatre?" and "What can the theatre do for science?" which bring up demanding situations for either theatre execs and scientists. surprisingly, this e-book offers with performs at the start as analyzing fabric -- as texts to be learn by myself or in dramatic readings -- instead of emphasizing performances at the degree. Concrete examples are given to illustrate the aptitude pedagogic price of utilizing the dialogic sort and plot constitution of performs in technology, with a distinct specialize in chemistry.

only a few books have handled the topic of science-in-theatre and nearly none with chemistry-in-theatre. Texts of the author's contemporary performs, Insufficiency and Phallacy, are integrated of their entirety to provide concrete examples of performs facing real (rather than invented) chemistry. Insufficiency represents an instance from the sector of beer and fizz bubbles, the place the subjects of educational tenure and type in chemistry are analyzed, while in Phallacy, a case heritage of the similarities and transformations among technology and artwork is gifted for debate.

Readership: scholars and pros within the fields of technology and theatre, in addition to those who are drawn to those fields.

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