Characterization of Solutes in Nonaqueous Solvents by J. F. Coetzee, D. Frollini (auth.), Gleb Mamantov (eds.)

By J. F. Coetzee, D. Frollini (auth.), Gleb Mamantov (eds.)

This e-book involves contributions through members within the Symposium "Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Characterizat.ion of Solute Species in Non~Aqueous Solvents" which happened on the American Chemical Society assembly, department of Analytical Chemistry, August 31 and September I, 1976, San Francisco, California. The manuscripts have been submitted to the editor throughout the first half 1977 and, in general, signify stories of chosen learn issues within the wide quarter of characterization of solute species in non~aqueous solvents. In organizing this Symposium, i tried to assemble a considerably huge team of study employees thinking about spectro­ scopic and electrochemical stories within the 3 huge sessions of non-aqueous solvents ~ natural solvents, covalent inorganic sol­ vents and molten salts. The experimental apprcaches and difficulties, akin to avoidance of strains of moisture and oxygen, are often comparable for every type of non-aqueous solvents. it really is was hoping that this quantity can be worthwhile to all all in favour of chemistry in non-aqueous solvents. Gleb l>lamantov , Contents 1. id AND SYSTEMIZATION OF SOLVENT homes fascinated by THE LIGAND SUBSTITUTION KINETICS OF LABILE COMPLEXES OF NICKEL(II) J. F. Coetzee, D. Frollini, C. G. Karakatsanis, E. J.

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01 M in all cases: (I) CsBPh4 in PY, (II) CsBPh4 in Me2CO, (III) CsBPh4 in PC, (IV) CsBPh4 in DMF, (V) CsI in DMF, (VI) CsBPh4 in MeCN, (VII) CsI in H20, (VIII) CsBPh4 in Me2S0. (Reproduced with the permission of the Journal of the American Chemical Society). was reached, followed by an upfield shift as the concentration of the ligand was further increased. This behavior is indicative of a two-step reaction--initial formation of a stable (particularly in pyri dine) 1:1 complex, followed by the addition of a second molecule of ligand to form a 2:1 "sandwich" complex.

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