Centurion by David Eshel

By David Eshel

Very good evaluation of all issues Centurion. nice images and a good color part with operational background is various theatres inc IDF, Vietnam, Pakistan and so on. an immense number of variations are coated and 1/35 modellers will locate the e-book a boon whilst development the most recent AFV membership kits.

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There, as the spearhead and mainstay of th e Isra el Armoured Corps , they \,-pre to prove th emselves as a major weapon system ::econd to none. Centurions entered service with the ID F in 1960; :t took a long time, however, for them to be fully ac cepted by Israeli tank crews. They had long been tEed to the relatively simple Sherman tanks, which ran under almost any conditions, especially after having been modified with th e Cummings Diesel en­ ~ ne. The Israeli Shermans mounted the high-velocity French-made 75mm.

During one exercise, several tanks overheated and caught fire before the very eyes of the Chief of Staff! To make matters worse, the 20 pound­ er guns, not being properly zeroed, performed very erratically compared to the Sherman; hits on target were considered by th e crews as flukes. All in all it was not surprising that tank officers turned down offers to join the Centurion battalion , preferring to stay in their old Sherman units. Indeed , those ordered to Centurions considered themselves punished~ In an attempt to improve the tank's reputation , the Cen~u­ nons were incorporated into the premier Israeli tank regiment, E prestigious unit that hali.

In a cloud of dust, the Centurions of "A" Squadron rumble along Route 23 toward Binh Tuy Province during Operation Matilda, January 1970, (A WM WAR/ 70/ 57NN) A Centurion of "A" Squadron crossing an A VLB during Operation Matilda. The roadwheels on the glacis plate served as additional protection against RPGs. (AWM WAR / 70/ 63NN) 35 Helpless against such overwhelming firepower, the VCINV A force was decimated. Early in 1970, "B" Squadron was relieved by "A" Squadron. The highlight of their tour was Operation Matilda, the largest Australian armoured operation since World War II.

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