Catalysis and automotive pollution control: proceedings of by Crucq, A.; Frennet, A.

By Crucq, A.; Frennet, A.

In July 1988, a global Catalysis Seminar was once held to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Catalysis Society of Japan. After the ninth overseas Congress on Catalysis in Calgary, approximately 25 jap researchers engaged on catalysis visited and held seminars in 4 international locations. every one seminar interested in a particular topic, but additionally coated a variety of themes in catalysis, from the basic to the economic phases. This quantity, containing the court cases of this detailed occasion, displays the profitable manner within which the seminars supplied a chance for direct communique and dialogue of the way top to accomplish the winning layout of catalysts.

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During five years, every month (every fortnight during the summer period), samples of soil, grass, tree leaves and vegetables were collected. Ten years ago, we started a programme of sampling (soil and grasses) to survey the efficiency of a windbreak. Vaselinated plates were placed: before, in- and behind windbreaks to follow the deposition of lead particles and dust. After being dried and extracted with a 1/1 HCI03 - HN03 solution, the samples are analysed for their heavy metals content. In all samples.

Nethanol on the other hand is very toxic as was recognised quite recently in connection with the adulteration of wines (the ingestion of only a few millilitres can be fatal). lung~ or skin. Nethanol can penetrate into the organism via the It accumulates in the body and the maximum acceptable con- centrations in the absence of periods of non-exposure for the elimination of the poison, is very low (3ppm). The methanol is oxidised within the organism into formaldehyde and then into formic acid and these substances are the real poisons.

C. ) and plant pathogens. d. Ozone hypothesis, ozone and other photooxidants may be involved in the decline (Arndt et al, 1982). The following mode of action was proposed (Krause et al, 1983). Exposure to elevated ozone levels damages all membranes, resulting in an increased leaching of ions by acid fog and acid rain. Ozone also causes damage to chlorophyll, and thus reduction of the photosynthesis. Root growth is inhibited, reducing the ability to compensate for leached nutrients by increased uptake.

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