Boeing 747-100,-200,-300,SP by Dennis R. Jenkins

By Dennis R. Jenkins

An enthusiast-level technical examine the layout and building of the world's first jumbo jet. jam-packed with assurance of engine info, cockpit and inside pictures, passenger and load models, and extra. Get the whole tale of Pan Am's dream aircraft and Boeing's maximum gamble. AirlinerTech 6.

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The 747 had always been defined as a long-range aircraft, but Joe Sutter and the engineers at Boeing were not necessarily locked into that view. Japanese domestic traffic had boomed in the 1960s, and Boeing was looking for a way to accommodate additional passengers at Japan's notoriously overcrowded airports. A stretched 727 was the leading candidate until the 747 group proposed a special short-range (SR) version of the -100. The engineers pointed out that two 747SR-I00s could carry 1,074 passengers and occupied only 450 feet of airport terminal frontage; to carry the equivalent in stretched 727s would require six aircraft and 800 feet of frontage.

Initially service was limited to New York to Los Angeles, but by the end of the year service had been extended to London, Paris, and Rome. The first foreign airline to place the 747 intd service was Lufthansa; during April 1970 it began using the aircraft on the Frankfurt to New York route. Other airlines, including Air France, Alitalia, Continental, Delta, Iberia, JAL, National, Northwest Orient, and United were operating 747s by the end of 1970. Northwest Orient was almost as ambitious as Pan Am, and quickly established service to New York, Chicago, Seattle, Tokyo, Minneapolis/St.

Pan Am Archives S2 AIRLINER TECH .. 436 passengers and 25,350 pounds of cargo over a distance of 5,295 miles. 211-524D4 engines could carry the same load 6,275 miles-a significant increase in range. 211-524D4. Airborne Command Posts Given the size and flexibility of the 747 airframe, it is surprising that greater military use has not been made. But the configuration is not ideal for a military transport, and the Lockheed C-5 and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) C-17 have proved much more successful in that role.

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