Atlas and Catalogue of Infrared Sources in the Magellanic by P. B. W. Schwering, F. P. Israel (auth.)

By P. B. W. Schwering, F. P. Israel (auth.)

Around the start of the 16th century, Portuguese and Dutch sailors first ventured into southern seas. With their prepared navigational curiosity within the skies, they famous the continual presence of 2 cloud-like beneficial properties, no longer faraway from the virtually instantly Southern Pole. the 1st literature point out of those 'clouds' was once within the magazine written in 1520 through the Italian navigator Pigafetta at the first circumnavigation of the globe by means of Magalhaes (c/. Pigafetta et ai. , 1962). In honour of this make the most, the items have considering the fact that turn into referred to as the Magellanic Clouds, even though the Dutch identify 'Kaapsche Wolken' (Cape Clouds - after the Cape of excellent wish) has additionally been in use for hundreds of years. the massive and Small Magellanic Clouds are dwarf abnormal galaxies, orbiting our personal Milky method Galaxy, almost immediately at distances of fifty three and sixty three kpc respectively (Humphreys, 1984) . . they're the galaxies nearest to us: so much different neighborhood crew galaxies are of order ten occasions extra far-off. The LMC and SMC also are the prototypical blue dwarf irregulars, representatives of a category of gadgets during which numerous hundred extra far away items are actually identified. Their plenty are a number of in step with cent of the mass of the Milky manner Galaxy, yet they're particularly gas-rich and seem to be, at present epoch, forming stars at a extra prodiguous cost than our Galaxy (c/. Lequeux, 1984).

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The source lists thus obtained were merged, first over all map sets, then over all bands. Whenever an unambiguous identification with a PSC entry could be made, PSC positions are listed as these are the more accurate. For each source, we first list the peak intensity as well as the background emission level near the source. This is followed by a size estimate, based on the observed size and the nominal gaussian resolution in each band. Finally, 'true' source flux densities are given, taking into account source size and source background level.

Actual, colourcorrected flux densities can be calculated from the quoted ones by dividing the latter by these colour correction factors (see IRAS, 1989a). The Atlas section (Part 4) contains, for each LMC and SMC field, transparent overlays listing positions (marked by +) and Catalogue source numbers allowing immediate comparison of map structures and Catalogue entries. As these overlays also contain the positions of all SAO stars in the field (marked by *), comparison of infrared sources with optical images is likewise possible.

5'NH of LI-LHC 513. Sk 36 51< 51 Sk 58 Sk 62 Sk 64 557 850 982 1014 1100 0 0 0 0 N107. 4'SH of LI-LMC 557. N125. 5'E of LI-LMC 850. N133. In extended emission. 4'N of LI-LMC 982. N201. S'N of LI-LHC 1014. N145 (DEH 210). 8'S of LI-LMC 1100. 75 78 1327 1336 1513 0 0 0 N151. 7'E of LI-LHC 1327. N153 (DEM 232). 2'N of LI-LHC 1336. N69. 3 ' N of LI-LMC 1513. 51< Sk Sk 85 0 31 THE LEIDEN-IRAS MAGELLANIC CLOUDS INFRARED SOURCE CATALOGUES 3. The Leiden-IRAS Magellanic Clouds Infrared Source Catalogues The LMC and SMC infrared source catalogues presented in this Part contain sources determined by a visual inspection of the two-dimensional DPM and Co-Add maps presented in the Atlas (Part 4).

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