Anticoagulation by J. Fareed (auth.), Dr. Christian Doutremepuich (eds.)

By J. Fareed (auth.), Dr. Christian Doutremepuich (eds.)

All clinical experts who needs to cope with the potential of thrombosis could be drawn to Anticoagulation. This e-book evaluates anticoagulation systems from a number of issues of view - from present traits in Anti-thrombotic medications, to therapy of Ischemic Vascular problems; from Anticoagulants in being pregnant, to Anticoagulation within the aged, from the consequences of Anticoagulant remedy at the center, to Anticoagulation in a variety of surgeries. Anticoagulation is a source of ways to the administration of this universal scientific problem.

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Azougagh Oualane, F. Doutremepuich Thromboembolic diseases are major cause of global mortality. Thrombosis genesis can be induced by endothelial ~nJury, hyperviscosity and fibrinolysis decrease. The anatomic origin of thrombosis disorders differs according to diverse types of pathophysiology. The aim is of ant ithrombot ic therapy is to antagonize factors involved in this genesis. It is intented for preventing thrombogenic risk factors. These factors are hyperlipemia, hypercholesterolemia, arterial hypertension, smoking associated to arterial thrombosis or stasis of venous blood after surgery, abnormalities of certain coagulation factors and the physiological inhibitors such as genetic deficiencies of C and S proteins and antithrombin III (ATIII) associated to venous thrombosis.

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