An Introduction to Transformational Geometry by F.M. Eccles

By F.M. Eccles

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1-13 SPECIFIC HEAT AT CONSTANT PRESSURE Let us start the discussion of the cp for a simple closed system by repeating Eq. 1) V=V(T,p) By differentiating Eq. 1 ) w e get d V = { ^ ) d T + p {^)r dP · 2 ) U p o n substituting for dV into Eq. 4), we get F o r a constant p r e s s u r e p r o c e s s , the last term vanishes. 5) is a general statement for cp. U p to this point, w e h a v e not invoked the c o n c e p t of a perfect gas. 5), therefore, is valid for any simple system. F o r a perfect gas, by virtue of the relationship given by E q .

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