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Depending upon the header arrangements at the two ends of the heat exchanger, one or more tube passes can be achieved. For a two-tube pass arrangement, the inlet header is split so that the fluid flowing into the tubes passes through one-half of the tubes in one direction, reverses direction and returns through the other half of the tubes to the opposite side of the channel head, as shown in Figure 3-2. A one tube pass arrangement is called shell-and-straight-tube while a two tube pass arrangement is often referred to as shell-and-U-tube.

2 Fin-Coil Type Heat Exchangers Containment Air Coolers - PWR Plants There are usually four fan-coil units, any three of which will provide heat removal capacity from the reactor containment during full-power operation, to maintain air temperature below the maximum temperature allowable at any component, and to obtain temperatures below a set limit ,n accessible areas during hot standby operation. The heat sink for the fan-coils is provided by the closed cooling water system, service water system, or the containment chilled water system.

Plant operating and service data was received from several utilities in response to a questionnaire on heat exchanger types, design parameters, and maintenance history. The heat exchanger failure/degradation identified in these responses is also either included or in basic agreement with the aging mechanisms identified in the LER and NPRDS information. For this 3-27 AGING MANAGEMENT Table 3-13. GUIDELINE FOR HEAT EXCHANGERS List of NRC Information Notices, Bulletins, Circulars, and Generic Letters Related to Heat Exchanger Degradation INFORMATION NOTICES IN 81-21 Potential Loss of Direct Access to Ultimate Heat Sink IN 83-56 Operability of Required Auxiliary Equipment IN 84-71 Graphitic Corrosion of Cast Iron in Salt Water IN 85-24 Failures of Protective Coatings in Pipes and Heat Exchangers IN 85-30 Microbiologically IN 85-33 Undersized Nozzle-to-Shell Welded Joints in Tanks and Heat Exchangers Constructed Under the Rules of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code IN 85-56 Inadequate Environment IN 86-96 Heat Exchanger Fouling Can Cause Inadequate Operability of Service Water Systems IN 88-37 Flow Blockage of Cooling Water to Safety System Components IN 90-26 Inadequate Flow of Essential Service Water to Room Coolers and Heat Exchangers tor Engineered Safety-Feature Systems IN 90-80 Sand Intrusion Resulting in Two Diesel Generators Becoming Inoperable Induced Corrosion of Containment Service Water System Control for Components and Systems in Extended Storage or Lay-Up IE BULLETINS BL 80-24 Prevention of Damage Due to Water Leakage Inside Containment BL 81-03 Flow Blockage of Cooling Water to Safety System Components by Corbicula SP.

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