Against the grain : reading Pynchon's counternarratives by Sascha Pohlmann

By Sascha Pohlmann

Against the Grain: interpreting Pynchon's Counternarratives is the 1st e-book that significantly addresses Thomas Pynchon's novel Against the Day, released in 2006. the 19 essays accrued during this quantity hire a wide number of methods to this huge novel and likewise take it as a chance to reevaluate Pynchon's prior works, interpreting Against the Day with regards to V., The Crying of Lot 49, Gravity's Rainbow, Vineland, Mason & Dixon, and Pynchon's brief tales and essays. The authors-younger in addition to demonstrated students from 11 countries-address those works in regards to problems with modernism and postmodernism, politics, pop culture, ideas of area and time, visuality, sexuality, identification, media and conversation, philosophy, faith, American and international (literary) historical past, physics, arithmetic, economics, and lots of extra. Their insights are as profound as they're different, and all offer clean perspectives on Pynchon's fiction that would be worthwhile, interesting and pleasing for researchers and lovers alike

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They are benevolent but by no means infallible guardian angels, who take their orders from changing authorities and cross the skies in their dirigible trying to prevent the worst. In contrast to their antagonists, the deeply pessimistic Trespassers, the Chums of Chance are mostly optimists with a childlike confidence in their time’s general progress. 4 In this intricate narrative network of plot(s) and events, the protagonists move as if in a nonlinear field of multidimensional spacetime, pulled and pushed by forces they themselves can hardly understand.

Their heresy is a counternarrative to space itself, to our everyday concept of reality, and to our understanding of time. 3 The play of worlds of Against the Day is part of these imaginative changes, and its multiplications matter most where they show how petty the limits of reality actually are, and how they are curbed and determined by forces that are eventually always political; it functions like those “‘paramorphoscopes of Iceland spar” that “reveal the architecture of dream, all that escapes the network of ordinary latitude and longitude…’” (AtD 250).

G. Wells, the Western after Zane Gray, detective novels from Poe to Chandler, and adventure and dime novels of the fin-de-siècle. g. Kakutani. 4 They have their “mysterious Russian counterpart—and, far too often, nemesis” (AtD 123)—in the airship Bolshai’a Igra (“The Great Game”) under the command of Captain Igor Padzhitnoff whose path they often cross in missions of cooperation or conflict. 5 See Hanjo Berressem’s essay in this collection. 6 Scientists are still not sure whether that devastating “Event”—which occurred in the Siberian Taiga on June 30, 1908—was caused by an exploding meteor, by the eruption of a subterranean volcano or an explosion of subterranean gases, of a cosmic bomb or by the impact of antimatter.

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