Against Caste in British Law: A Critical Perspective on the by Prakash Shah

By Prakash Shah

This publication discusses the salience of the caste query in united kingdom legislation. It presents the historical past to how the caste provision got here into the Equality Act 2010 and the way it used to be bolstered in 2013, and analyses a number of the pursuits that performed a job in getting caste into legislations.

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Moreover, although having religion allows conscientious objection to be intelligible to Jews, Christians and Muslims, it is not accessible to members of other cultures. In effect, therefore, the law caters to preferences of some groups not all (Shah 2013). In 2013, a BBC Asian Network radio correspondent contacted me about the refusal to provide funeral services by some mosques because the deceased were members of a different sect of Islam, a Shia or an Ahmadiyya, although the BBC never raised the issue publicly after that.

As Marx (2008 [1844]: 51) had said, Luther had ‘turned priests into laymen because he turned laymen into priests’. They also got riled about the idea that vocation could be prescribed in such a way that an ecclesiastical calling was restricted to the priests of the Catholic Church and, by extension, the Brahmins in India. 7 The Brahmins thus constituted one of the three castes of the Indian system, the second of which were the kshatriyas, who were the warriors, and the third were the vaishyas, the agricultural, pastoral or trading groups, together making up Indian caste society.

It centred on the idea of a ‘sacerdotal nucleus’ behind the plethora of Indian traditions. This analytical format overarched Protestant and Catholic models of the history of religion and, within this context, the contemporary forms of Hinduism were recognized as ‘post-Christian’ expressions of religion in the East. 0006 Religion, Caste and Race 19 from truth to falsehood. It was thus already in the early modern period that ‘Brahmanism’ was identified as the core around which multiple Indian traditions coalesced, and which were self-evidently false given the hold of the priesthood.

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