Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Vol. 111 by Peter W. Hawkes

By Peter W. Hawkes

Advances in Imaging & Electron Physics merges long-running serials--Advances in Electronics & Electron Physics and Advances in Optical & Electron Microscopy . The sequence gains prolonged articles at the physics of electron units (especially semiconductor devices), particle optics at low and high energies, microlithography, photograph technological know-how and electronic snapshot processing, electromagnetic wave propagation, electron microscopy, and the computing tools utilized in most of these domain names.

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2. If ps D 32, then 2ps D 1 mod F4 D 2ps mod 32 . 3. If ps > 32, then ps D ps mod 32 C 32t t D integer and 2ps D 2ps mod 32 Ð 232t D 2ps mod 32 . Equation (19) is then written in the form 31 Gm p,q D 2jpsj ˛hqsi sD0 31 xm s, r 2jrqj mod F 20 rD0 p, q D 0, 1, . . , 31 where j Ð j stands for mod 32. 1. The Twiddle Factor ˛qs The twiddle factor arises from the transformation of the one-dimensional process into a two-dimensional process and acts on the result of the first one-dimensional FNT only. It also creates two problems, one of storage and one of time.

The number of nonzero elements in the 2-D FNT is small, especially for the data with Tr ð Tc − M ð N, which is typically the case with a photomask. 48 S. BOUSSAKTA AND A. G. J. HOLT (a) (b) FIGURE 13. (a) Defective photomask with just one pixel error. (b) 2-D FNT of part (a) showing a completely different FNT pattern of the defective mask. Therefore, the detection process may require comparison of only a few 2-D FNT elements. Any differences between the 2-D FNT values being compared automatically imply a defective mask.

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