Advances in Biochemical Engineering, Volume 001 by T.K. Ghose ,A. Fiechter

By T.K. Ghose ,A. Fiechter

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44, 2229 (1952). Metzner, A. , Taylor, J. : A. I. E. Journal 6, 109 (1960). Feehs, R. , Ramos, H. , Otto, R. , Tuthill, J. : A. I. Ch. E. Journal 7, 3 (1961). Michel, B. , Miller, S. : A. I. E. Journal 8, 262 (1962). , Finn, R. : Biotechnol. Bioeng. 8, 71 (1966). Miller, T. L, Johnson, M. : Biotechnol. Bioeng. 8, 549 (1966). : J. Ferment. Technol. 47, 229 (1969). : J. Ferment. , in press (1970). : Biotechnol. Bioeng. 11, 383 (1969). : M. S. Thesis, Univ. of Pennsylvania (1965). : Chem. Eng. (Japan) 19, 2 (1955).

Aiba and M. Nagatani The implication of the term, t~y is as follows: Assuming a rectangular parallelopiped whose length and cross-sectional area being unity and d 2, the number of single cells in this particular floc is: 7[ 3 Designating the number of particle-particle contact per single cells and the adhesive force at each contact to v and F, respectively, the pseudo-surface tension, ~r/is introduced by the following equation. d~ (1 - e) (71 -- vF = k3(1 - e) a f (22) dp The shear rate, du/dr is assumed as follows: du (23) dr = k4n" Substituting Eqs.

Molecules larger than 30 A produce negative intercepts. According to these authors, similar relationships appear to exist in terms of accessible surface area (m2/g) as a function of initial rates (Fig. 2). K. Ghose and K. Das the diameter range of cellulase molecules. , 1954) of data on Myrothecium verrucaria cellulase appear to be in agreement with the observations of Stone et al. The nature of native cellulose, whether crystalline or amorphous, is not yet clear. It is reported (Mikhailov, 1958) from an examination of X-ray patterns of native celluloses that, unlike regenerated celluloses whose phase structures are well established, there is no definite reason to believe that the native polymer is crystalline in nature.

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