A small boat: poems by Michael Hettich

By Michael Hettich

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Night rises Page 37 on small, sharp wings here and there, and skims the waving grass. We are far away before it is completely dark. <><><><><><><><><><><><> All thought must eventually become the circle pattern made in sand by the tips of blowing sea grass something like a spiderweb filled with dandelion hair and dew, in the branches of the yearling orange tree something like the rhythms of the crickets now the rhythms of a train, full of strangers, crossing your horizon. <><><><><><><><><><><><> I stood in a small boat watching white birds fly clear across a vertical field of dark trees into white sky white against white, out of sight, invisible but reflected in the dark water I watched across.

F. Press, 1989). Page vii FOR MY FATHER Page ix CONTENTS I Your Mother Sings 3 Song at Twilight 4 At the Beach 5 You Have Lived 7 Romance 8 White Birds 9 Summer Rain 13 First Love 14 Calmly While the Roof Swells 16 Almost Out of Sight 17 Let's Run Away, I Said, and Get Married 18 Wild Animals 19 For My Sister's Wedding 20 I Remember When 21 Down at the Docks 22 Colorado 23 I Live Alone 24 Apples in First Snow 25 True Story 26 Mercy, Mercy 27 A Stiff Arc 28 Near Inverness, Florida 30 Red Feather, Colorado 32 Page x II These Roads 35 A Small Boat 36 My One True Story 38 Cocoon 39 Hands 40 Needing Silence 41 Midnight 43 Like Right Now 44 Fear of Cancer 45 He Said 47 Door 49 Lion 50 I Met a Man in Here Once 52 A Choreography 54 About the Author Page xi The purpose of poetry is to remind us how difficult it is to remain just one person, for our house is open, there are no keys in the doors, and invisible guests come in and out at will.

Behind them others fill the houses with furniture, fill the cupboards with food and plates, make sure everything works. Others build stores and schools, and then, way back, our families, scared-looking, sweaty, walk, reading the number on each house. In every garage: a shiny car. In every kitchen: a modern stove.  We move forward every day. There are plenty of toys for the little ones. Page 36 A Small Boat I don't like to live without a boat in the yard, even a small oneeven if there's no water for miles.

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